Cheryomushkinsky Market

Visiting the Cheryomushkinsky Market

I love visiting markets in Moscow. Although they can be pricier than supermarkets, I find the quality of the produce is much better. Almost every district has some kind of market, some better than others….

City Social Cafe

City Social Cafe Moscow

After a visit to the Ice Sculpture Exhibition at Park Poebdy we decided to warm up before the journey home with a cup of coffee and a bite to eat at a nearby café. En-route…

Cafe Filial Moscow

Cafe Filial

The other weekend some Muscovite coworkers decided to drag us into town and show us a relaxed and entertaining Saturday. They promised us two things we have yet to experience in Moscow and with an offer like that…

Jasmine Cafe Moscow

Jasmine Cafe Moscow

This weekend we decided to venture to Jasmine Cafe, a well known Korean restaurant here in Moscow. Although it is relatively close to where we live, we have not yet experienced it. Many people have told us that…

Munger Bakery Moscow

Munger Bakery Moscow

After a busy Sunday morning visiting car showrooms across Moscow, we decided to rest for a coffee at a little café called Munger Bakery, tucked away near the BMW showroom on Leninsky Prospekt. The café…

Moscow’s Anti-Cafe Movement

Moscow has an increasing number of anti-cafes, but what exactly are they? What you need to remember is that in Moscow as a young person, finding space to socialise  can be difficult. Apartments are generally quite…

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