Jasmine Cafe Moscow

Jasmine Cafe Moscow

This weekend we decided to venture to Jasmine Cafe, a well known Korean restaurant here in Moscow. Although it is relatively close to where we live, we have not yet experienced it. Many people have told us that this was a truly authentic place and that it is well worth a visit.

Jasmine Cafe Entrance

The front entrance to Jasmine Cafe

We had quite an enjoyable walk through a forest to get to the cafe from our house.Unlike other cafes and restaurants in Moscow, Jasmine Cafe is easy to find with a big, prominent sign.

This restaurant gives a good first impression. The interior is a very pleasant surprise – it is bright, airy and very modern. There are a variety of seating choices and even a private room for parties or meetings.

Jasmine Cafe interior

The interior of Jasmine Cafe is modern and fresh.

We were told the menu was available in English as well as Russian, but when we asked for the English one the waitress said they didn’t have any. That was a shame, but luckily we have been practicing our Russian for just this eventuality.

The menu was big, varied and of course it also contained the standard sushi options, which is expected in any restaurant or cafe in Moscow. We ordered two beers and three appetisers with the intention of ordering more at a later stage. Our first starter, kimchi jeon arrived quickly and we tucked in.

The food was fresh, plentiful and very, very, tasty. The portion size is bigger than what you typically get in Moscow and this was a surprise. The three appetisers we ordered ended up being more than enough for the two of us and we simply could not reasonably order any more. Many of the dishes that were visible on other tables looked delicious – we will just have to go back another time!

Jasmine Cafe Food

Overall, this is a great little place for a good Korean meal. It also has a shop attached to it and if you can work your way through the website (which can be a little confusing) you can use their delivery service. You can even rent cars via the website, which has to be a first for a cafe website (in my experience).

Finding Jasmine Cafe

Jasmine Cafe is close to People’s Friendship University in the South-West of Moscow. The nearest metro station is Troparyovo, on the red line.

You can view the location here on Google Maps.

Jasmine Cafe Moscow
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Andrew Mexsom

Andrew Mexsom

Andrew has been an international Teacher for 17 years and has lived in The UK, Qatar, Spain, The UAE and is currently living in Russia.
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Andrew Mexsom

Andrew has been an international Teacher for 17 years and has lived in The UK, Qatar, Spain, The UAE and is currently living in Russia.

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  1. Hi there, just had to tell you about the grilled, spicy mackerel in this resturant, it was delicious and my new favourite item here. Give it a try.

  2. I also love this cafe. The portions are available in full or half sizes if you request and they are always spicy enough which is not usual in Moscow.

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