7 Days in Moscow

If you are booked into visit Moscow for 7 days, then you have just about the right amount of time to see the best the city has to offer on a nice relaxing schedule. We all like to see a lot on our holidays, but it is also important to relax as well! This itinerary is for 7 days in Moscow and incorporates all of the well known attractions and a number of the lesser known ones as well.

The attractions listed can be closed at random times (because this is Russia) so check their individual websites for any updates on opening hours and dates.

Day 1

  • Russia doesn’t open for business until 9-10am, so prepare for your day with the tasty breakfast buffet at Hotel Metropol (available even if you are not a guest). This will be the best and most opulent example of a Russian breakfast you will find in Moscow.
  • You should spend the first part of the day exploring The Kremlin, which is by far the most well known attraction in Moscow. I suggest going in the morning as it can get crowded later in the day and in the summer, it can become uncomfortably hot in the afternoons. Tickets can be purchased at the gate, or in advance online (recommended). NOTE: the Kremlin is closed on Thursdays and most public holidays.
  • After a few hours in The Kremlin, you are probably a little tired. Exit the Kremlin walls and head around to Red Square. In the G.U.M mall, Revolution Square or Nikolayska street, you will find a number of restaurants and cafes you can grab a bite to eat and a drink.
  • Once you are rested up, explore the rest of Red Square, including Lenin’s Mausoleum at your leisure. Be sure to get some pictures of the iconic G.U.M mall and St Basil’s Cathedral as well!
  • If you still have some energy, finish the day with a short walk over to Arbat Street. There is both an old and new Arbat. Old Arbat is the interesting one, with well preserved historic buildings and a very Bohemian vibe. At the far end of the street you will get lovely view of the Moskva River and one of Stalin’s famous skyscrapers. Choose from one of the many restaurants in this area for dinner.

Day 2

  • After a day with a lot of walking outdoors, day 2 of the 7 Days in Moscow itinerary focuses on two of the most famous museums. Start the day off with breakfast at your hotel, or a cafe of your choice.
  • The first stop is the State Tretyakov Gallery, a famous collection of 21st century and Soviet artworks. To get there by metro, head for the Tretyakov station, which is on the orange line.
  • Once you are finished with the Tretyakov Gallery, it is time too head over to the Pushkin Gallery. It is within walking distance. Head towards the Moskva River, and cross at the ‘Patriarchskiy Most’ footbridge. This brings you to the rear of the Christ the Saviour Cathedral -stop in and have a look!
  • There are a number of restaurants in the area surrounding the cathedral if you feel like some lunch. Afterwards, head just up the road to the Pushkin Museum and spend a few hours exploring.
  • Once you are finished with the museum, it is probably getting a bit late in the day. You can finish off the day with a walk in nearby Gorky Park and if you feel like it, a dinner cruise on the Moskva River.

Day 3

  • After breakfast on day three, it is time to get a birds eye view of the city you have been busy exploring. This is very easily done with a short tour, but can also be done under your own  steam. The best places to get a good view of the city are Vorbory Gory and Poklonnaya Hill. Vorbory Gory is directly in front of the impressive Moscow State University building, while Poklonnoya Hill is in the centre of the massive Victory Park.
  • Take your time to explore both the university grounds and the Victory Park

Day 4

  • Although you have probably used the metro at this stage, a tour of the Metro is a very interesting way to spend the afternoon. The grand stations are rich with history and although you can see them very cheaply on your own, going with a guide is a great experience.

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

Please remember that this is just a rough guide, you should always double check opening times, prices and locations for yourself to avoid disappointment.

Questions and Comments About The 7 Days in Moscow Itinerary

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