When to Visit Moscow

Moscow is definitely not a year round destination, unless for some reason you enjoy the biter depths of winter. Possibly one of the most common questions we are asked is when to visit Moscow to have the best experience possible. Here we will try to lay out your options for you to try and help you decide.

Weather in Moscow

Without a doubt, weather will be your biggest enemy if planning a trip to Moscow. See the average temperatures for each calendar month below (in degrees Celsius).

January: -8

February: -7

March: -2

April: 6

May: 13

June: 18

July: 19

August: 17

September: 12

October: 6

November: -1

December: -6

Summer in Moscow

As you can see, weather wise May through September are the best months to visit Moscow, with these months having average temperatures above zero. There is very little in the way of spring time in Moscow, as the winter tends to linger. This time period also aligns with many Russian school and national holidays meaning that there are many events planned and many Moscow residents who can afford to will move to their country house, meaning there will be fewer crowds (particularly in July and August). The highlight of these months is undoubtedly the Victory Day Parade, which ranks up there with the largest parades in the world and the city grinds to a halt to celebrate.

Winter in Moscow

While the summer is my favourite time of year, if you enjoy winter sports such as skiing and ice skating, do not be scared by the Russian winter. As you can see, it isn’t too bad in Moscow, however the average can be a little deceiving – you almost always get a handful of days where the temperature dips to -20! While there will not be a high number of public events planned during this time, Moscow does do winter justice with all of the major parks hosting ice skating rinks and glint wine vendors. All of the indoor sights are still great to see at this time, as the central heating in Russia is top notch. If you make the decision to visit Moscow in winter, just be sure to dress properly for the occasion.

As you can see, deciding when to visit Moscow is not an easy choice, as each season has its own unique character and ultimately the choice is dependent on your preferences. If you need some more help deciding, then have a look at some of our sample itineraries for Moscow and Russia. Also, when you visit Russia don’t forget to check our blog for the latest updates on Moscow events and attractions.

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