Vorontsovsky Park

Vorontsovsky ParkVorontsovsky Park

I am lucky enough to live very close to Vorontsovsky Park. While it is not in the heart of Moscow, it is much more than just another suburban park. It is not a ‘must see’ if you are only in Moscow for a short period of time, but if you are here a bit longer it is one of those hidden gems that is worth a look.

Vendor at Vorontsovsky

There are a number of vendors in the park, concentrated by the ponds.

The main feature of Vorontsovsky Park is a former manor house (was mentioned briefly by Tolstoy in War and Peace!), which is surrounded by a very picturesque chain of interconnected ponds and groves of beautiful oak and linden trees. Vorontsovsky Park is very well maintained and has a variety of activities going on in all seasons, including:

  • A small amusement park for children.
  • Horse and motorised train rides.
  • Paddle boats (only in the summer).
  • Ice skating (winter).
  • An orthodox church that holds regular services.
  • A range of food and drink vendors.
Church at Vonorontsovsky Park

Church at Vonorontovsky Park

As well as these regular fixtures, a few times a month there are special events held at Vorontsovsky Park. These can be very surprising – I remember on my first visit there was a Latin American festival. Also, if you have an event you would like to run, it is possible to book the park through their website.

Getting to Vorontsovsky Park

If you are not lucky enough to live within walking distance of Vorontsovsky Park, you can easily access it from Kalushskaya metro (orange line). From this metro, the park is a 10-15 minute walk.

Here is Vorontsovsky Park marked in Google maps and you can find more information about upcoming events at the parks website. I always love hearing about other great parks in Moscow, so if you know of any that are worth a look, please leave a comment below.

Vorontsovsky Park
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Jason Berkeley

Jason is a history teacher and freelance writer, currently living in Moscow.
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Jason Berkeley

Jason is a history teacher and freelance writer, currently living in Moscow.

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  1. A wonderful day out and keep an eye out for the van selling ice cream made before your eyes using liquid nitrogen !

  2. I also live near this park and go for a walk there whenever I can. It is very vibrant and full of life in all seasons.

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