Victory Day Fireworks 2016

Victory Day FireworksVictory Day Fireworks

Victory Day is fast approaching and as usual, English language information about the events to be held is hard to find! One of the main events on May 9 is the always impressive fireworks display that will be held in the evening. Even if you won’t be going to see the parade, the Victory Day fireworks are definitely worth a look.

I have found some information about the launch sites and good vantage points for the display on a Russian language site: You can always use the infamously inaccurate Google translate for yourself, but below are the cliff notes.

  1. The display is expected to last for 10 minutes and will include artillery salvos and spotlights.
  2. There will be 15 separate launch sites for the display: Poklonnaya Hill (x2), Luzhnetskaya Promenade, Fedosino Street Building 18, Novgorodskaya house 38, Kuzminki, Tushino airfield, Roslovka Street Building 5, Maclay Street People’s Friendship University, Academician Pontryagin Street Building 11, Park Friendship area, ‘Victory Park’ Zelenograd and the Russian Academy of Sciences at Troitsk.

I have no way of knowing how accurate the above information is, although it does seem similar to launch sites used in previous years. Use at your own caution.

The very best vantage points for watching this display will be either Poklonnaya Hill, or Sparrows Hill, as they are some of the highest points in the city. Poklonnaya Hill in particular should be great, as it is home to two of the launch sites.

To get the best view, you will need to arrive early and be prepared for a lot of road and metro closures. Getting home from watching the display can be just as difficult as getting there as there will be massive crowds of people on the move. So if you will have young children in tow, then you will want to have a well planned escape route!

As always, if you have any useful information about the 2016 Victory Day fireworks display in Moscow, please share is with us in the comments section below.

Photo Credit: Fireworks via photopin (license)

Victory Day Fireworks 2016
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