Victory Day Events

Victory Day EventsVictory Day Events

Although the Victory Day Parade takes most peoples attention, there is a whole host of other activities going on all over Moscow on this special day. So, if you don’t feel like fighting the crowds to see the parade, or are not interested in military hardware, then some of these other Victory Day events might be just what you are looking.

Below I have collected some of the most well known Victory Day events. It is by no means an exhaustive list, but should give you a good starting point for making your Victory Day plans.

Theater Square Performances

In the Theater Square, you will find a program of performances, usually starting in the early afternoon. They are usually based on war time songs and music.

Poklonnaya Hill

Poklonnaya Hill is also a regular venue for concerts and performances on victory day. Last year there was a lovely performance by an orchestra, among others.

The Hermitage Garden

The Hermitage Garden is host to performances and exhibitions and traditionally has a ball in the evening dedicated to the veterans of the Great Patriotic War.

Gorky Park

As always, Gorky Park will be a center of activity on Victory Day. You will find a big range of performances and workshops on offer, though expect there to be some big crowds as well!

Pushkin Square

In past years there have been some great displays of vintage items as well as an open air cinema in Pushkin Square on Victory Day.

Tverskaya Square

Tverskaya Square also plays host to concerts and performances and usually has some great activities for children scheduled.

Wherever you go in Moscow for Victory Day, be prepared for big crowds and a little bit of chaos as streets and entire metro stations will be closed off to the public. You will need to approach the day with a good measure of patience and understanding. If you don’t enjoy crowds, then I would suggest to stay at home or book a trip out of Moscow for Victory Day!


Victory Day Events
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