Stunning Views at Lubyanka Childrens Mall

The view from Lubyanka Childrens MallThe view from Lubyanka Childrens Mall

Recently some Russian friends promised me a different experience in Moscow. I was therefore surprised to be going in to the Lubyanka Childrens Mall, when Moscow has mall’s a plenty.

But this family-friendly shopping and entertainment mall is no ordinary mall. It is an ambitious renovation of the legendary Detsky Mir, one of the most popular shopping places in Moscow.

Briefly, the Lubyanka Childrens Mall is a unique complex for family and children’s leisure. Included in this modern mall is a shopping center offering a full range of goods and services for kids. This legendary store is the flagship for childrens retailing in Moscow. Although we were not there for the shopping, it’s worth me noting that I will be going back to explore this place in more detail at a later date.

The total area of the mall is 73,000 square meters. Unlike most malls, this one has a focus on attractions and activities for children, rather than just blatant commercialism. Around 20% of the rentable area in the Lubyanka Childrens Mall is allocated to educational recreation. Notably, it accommodates the ‘KidBurg City of Professions’, the first children’s cinema by Formula Kino (kinomir-21 Vek), and numerous sites for holding children’s concerts, exhibitions, and theatrical shows.

Everything about this store is ‘for the kids!’

  • The store’s atrium is designed specifically to hold children’s events.
  • The first two levels are designated for kids’ shoes and apparel/
  • The third level, customers can buy goods for newborns and future moms.
  • The fourth level, is the kids fashion gallery.
  • The fifth level goes for the educational center, school goods and family leisure and sporting goods stores.
  • The sixth level is allocated for the multi screen movie theater for kids. There is a big food court with 14 different choices and a 1000 sq.m. restaurant with a view over Lubyanka square.
  • Muzei Detstva operates on the seventh level of the main kids mall. The thematic exhibitions are not only be placed in the primary museum room, but also inside the connecting passages, corridors and atrium.

For me, the most exciting thing was the doorway on the top floor. It offers access to the roof (via a small staircase) and from here there are some stunning views over the city. You can see the Kremlin and Red Square, as well as other areas.

Lubyanka Childrens Mall View

Another example of the great view from the rooftop!

We were there on a wonderful warm and sunny evening and I can imagine that the view would look

wonderful at any time of the year from here. For me, the view was the reason to come to Lubyanka Childrens Mall, but in the process I have discovered a really unique mall that is so much more than just a shopping area. It is now on my list of places to take friends and family when they visit and I encourage everyone to go and have a look!

Getting to Lubyanka Childrens Mall

The nearest metro is Lubyanka on the red line. The mall is easily visible from the metro entrance/exit.

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Stunning Views at Lubyanka Childrens Mall
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Andrew Mexsom

Andrew has been an international Teacher for 17 years and has lived in The UK, Qatar, Spain, The UAE and is currently living in Russia.
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Andrew Mexsom

Andrew has been an international Teacher for 17 years and has lived in The UK, Qatar, Spain, The UAE and is currently living in Russia.

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