Stunning Views from Sparrow Hill

Moscow is a pretty flat city (great for any cyclists out there), which means you don’t need to go far to get to the highest point. Sparrow Hills, by Moscow State University sits in the perfect location, approximately 70m above the banks of the river, or 200m above sea level. You can get great views out across Moscow and in particular the Luzhniki stadium and sports complex, while behind you is the stunning (well some disagree) main university building – one of Stalin’s ‘7 Sisters’ that dot the city’s skyline.

However, it is not just the view that is worth a visit. Being close to the university, there is always something going on at Sparrow Hills. The whole area is full of life and ‘people watching’ is as worthwhile as the view. Notably, in summer Sparrow Hills is a popular meeting place for motorcyclists.

The best metro station for getting to Sparrow Hills is Vorobyovy Gory (translates to Sparrow Hills) on the red line. You may know this station as the one that runs under the bridge over the Moskva River.

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Stunning Views from Sparrow Hill
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