Shopping in Moscow

Moscow is a major world capital and has a diverse range of shops to suit, so shopping in Moscow is a very familiar experience. With the notable exception of food, the availability of items in Moscow rivals most Western European countries. For most expats the struggle is usually about finding where to buy an item, as websites and advertisements in Russia are rarely in English. The below shopping guide is here to help you find everything you need here in Moscow, so that you can have a pleasant and comfortable stay.


Finding good quality products in Moscow can be a bit of a struggle, especially since sanctions on certain European imports have been in force. However if you are a little flexible, then it is still possible to eat very well in Moscow once you know where to look. Here are some of the most popular markets and supermarkets for expats in Moscow.


Globus is a up scale supermarket that deals exclusively in high end and high quality products. By far the most expensive on this list, it is great for getting specific hard to find items, though unless you are living on a generous expense account I would do regular shops elsewhere.

Azbuka Vkusa (Азбука Вкуса)

Azbuka Vkusa is a level below Globus but still has more high end products. The quality of the meat and baked goods from this supermarket is particularly good. It is reasonable to do most of your shopping here, although staple items can be had elsewhere much cheaper.

‘I Loved’ (Я Любимый)

This supermarket chain is a great mix of price and quality. You will find very little in the way of imported dry goods here, but the fresh produce and bakery section are quite good.

Perekrestok (Перекрёсток)

Perekrestok is the most common supermarket chain you will see around Moscow. The quality of individual stores is variable, as the chain seems to tailor the range on the demands of the local area. If you have a large Perekrestok nearby, it will easily satisfy most of your grocery needs.


The French chain Auchan is one of the best places to shop in Moscow if you are looking for bulk groceries cheap. They stock a wide range of products and have very low prices. The only downside is that they only have a few locations around Moscow.

Danilovsy Market

Danilovsky market is a great place to find quality, farm fresh Russian produce. It is certainly not cheap, but it is the place to find the best produce.

Kievskaya Market

Kievskaya Market is a fresh market on a larger scale than Danilovsky. The quality is more variable, but there is a massive range and you can find just about anything here.


People in Russia almost always dress to impress, so as you would expect, there is a good range of clothing available – it is just a matter of finding it!

Major Chains

Almost all of the major chains from Western Europe and North America can be found in Moscow. The likes of H&M, Columbia, Nike, Adidas, GAP, Marks and Spencer and all the other usual suspects can be found in the major malls around the city.


Especially in the center of the city, boutiques take center stage as there simply isnt the room among the historical buildings for large malls. While some of these boutiques are run by brands you will know and recognise, other will be small time operations with unique offerings. The only way to discover the gems is to get out and walk around.

Furniture and Homewares

Many apartments in Moscow come fully furnished, however usually you will need to grab a few small things to make life comfortable. Below are some of the best places to buy furniture and home wares in Moscow.


The Swedish giant is also here in Russia and is by far the best place to go for cheap and mid quality furniture and home wares. There are a few branches around the outskirts of Moscow and all of them are insanely busy every single weekend.



Major Shopping Malls

Mega Mall

RIO Mall

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