Moscow Good Food Club

Moscow Good Food Club

If you are a new arrival in a city like Moscow it can be quite hard to network with other foreigners outside of work circles, so it can be a great idea to join social clubs such as the Moscow Good Food Club.

I for one love meeting new people as well as great food and wine and this friendly little club delivers on both counts. The club organises regular dinners at fine dining restaurants in Moscow, which unsurprisingly are usually in the centre of town. If you check out the Moscow Good Food Club Facebook page, you will get an idea of the kind of restaurants that are visited.

The organisers do a pretty good job of finding new restaurants and having special menus offered for club dinners. It should be made clear though that this the club is aiming for a ‘fine dining’ experience, not a cheap and cheerful dinner. I personally welcome the excuse to go out for a nice meal, but if you balk at spending RUB5000+ on a meal and drinks then it may not be the kind of club for you.

Events are regularly posted on the Moscow Good Food Club Facebook page, complete with estimated cost and usually a menu for the restaurant. Spots can fill up fast, so it is best to check regularly. If you want more of an idea of the clubs activities, you can also check out the regular write-ups that are done for the Moscow Expat Life magazine. These write ups also feature scores for the restaurants visited and are a great resource for anyone looking visit these restaurants under their own steam. I know I have found them useful on more than one occasion.

If you have any questions or comments about the Moscow Good Food Club, please leave a comment below, or join the discussion on our community forums.

Photo credit: Restaurant La Boheme via photopin (license)

Moscow Good Food Club
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