Living in Moscow

Every year foreigners from all over the world arrive in Moscow with plans of staying for longer than just a holiday. With foreign embassy staff, corporate expats, teachers and students all regularly coming to Moscow, the expat community is diverse. However, living in Moscow is not an easy prospect and it is still somewhat viewed as a ‘hardship’ post, meaning that compared to other world capitals the expat community is quite small.

One of the biggest barriers to creating a comfortable life in Moscow is language. Russian is not a commonly learned second language for incoming expats and only a small number of Russians speak English to a high level of proficiency. This leads to a severe lack of English language information about life and living in Moscow and leads expats to live in a foreign ‘bubble’.

With this section of our site, we are hoping to make things easier for incoming expats to Moscow by lifting the curtain on some of the information that is usually hidden due to the language barrier.

So have a browse and we hope you learn a little something to make your life easier or more fulfilling. Living in Moscow can be such a different experience once you learn to do things the Russian way!

If you would like to ask any further questions, please contact us.


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