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LavkaLavka MoscowLavkaLavka Moscow

LavkaLavka is a farmers cooperative that has got a lot of positive press since it opened a few years ago. As well as a chain of stores selling farm fresh produce and locally produced food stuffs across Moscow, they also run a brilliant restaurant just a few blocks north of the Bolshoi Theatre on Petrovka street.

I recently had the pleasure of dining at LavkaLavka and was very impressed. The quality of both the food and the service surpassed my expectations and at times it was hard to believe I was still in Moscow.

The menu itself changes regularly based on what is in season and the best place to find the most up to date information is on the LavkaLavka Facebook page, which unfortunately is only in Russian, so will require translation. One interesting feature of the menu is the short stories next to each menu item, which give you some details about the farmers who supplied the main ingredients. The drinks on offer are also primarily produced in Russia, with Crimean wines and local craft brew beer taking center stage.

The prices on the menu at LavkaLavka are quite reasonable, given the central location and the quality of the food on offer. You can expect a meal for two with starters, main, dessert and drinks will set you back around 4-5000RUB. I would also set aside a couple of thousand rouble to spend in the small store next to the restaurant. In the LavkaLavka store, you will be able to buy all the same quality fresh ingredients that you just had in your meal and as a bonus, the staff are very generous in letting you sample new and interesting items before you buy!

Getting to LavkaLavka

The restaurant and store can be found off the main road in a small alley/courtyard, but it is well signed so you should have no problems finding it. It is the perfect place to have a nice meal before or after visiting the theater, but be sure to make a reservation in advance, as on busy nights LavkaLavka fills up fast.

Here is a Google Maps link to the restaurants location.

If you know of any other great restaurants in Moscow, please leave a comment below or contact us, it would be a pleasure to feature them here on the blog.

Photo Credit: Today from our farm. #csa via photopin (license)

LavkaLavka Restaurant
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Jason Berkeley

Jason is a history teacher and freelance writer, currently living in Moscow.
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Jason Berkeley

Jason is a history teacher and freelance writer, currently living in Moscow.

3 Comments on "LavkaLavka Restaurant"

  1. I like to buy buckwheat bread in lavkalavka, its delicious!

  2. Went two weeks ago and I must admit that I agree with all that you have written about this place.
    Will definitely go again.

  3. Try the pickled onion starter if you get the chance – it was amazing!

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