Kruzhka Pub Moscow

Kruzhka Pub Moscow

A few weeks ago, myself and some work colleagues were all set to go to a Saturday night football match here in Moscow. Moscow stadiums are dry and the game didn’t start till 7:30PM, we saw this as an opportunity to fit in a beer or three! After a brief search, Kruzkha Pub fit the bill perfectly

Being quite budget conscious, I came across Kruzkha Pub while looking for cheap and cheerful places to drink. Kruzhka is a chain of simple, no frills bars/pubs that are strategically placed all over the city. There are supposedly 32 locations just in Moscow, which means you should  always have one close by. On this occasion, we went to one of the central locations, just off Tverskaya street.

As you can see by the menu on their website, Kruzkha is going for cheap drinks and cheap eats. You should steer clear if you are looking for fine dining.There is no English language menu, but there is usually no problem communicating the need for a beer! The decor seems to be quite youthful in the locations I have visited, though it does vary across the chain.

Sports are regularly shown at Kruzhka and certain locations can get crowded on the weekends. It is not really the kind of place you would call and reserve a table at though. Ultimately, you will just have to try your luck. While it is a popular spot with university students, there is usually a pretty diverse crowd in terms of age.

As long as you go in with the right expectations, you shouldn’t be disappointed. Even if you don’t normally go for the cheap option, experiencing something other than the ‘fancier’ bars in Moscow can be a nice change of pace. I would recommend dropping in to Kruzka Pub to experience a different side of the capitals nightlife.

Finding Kruzkha Pub

The best way to find your closest Kruzkha location, you should visit their website.
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Kruzhka Pub Moscow
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