International Schools in Moscow

One very important consideration for any family looking to live in Moscow is finding the right school for their children. An international posting can be a great opportunity, but you also need to ensure that you secure your children’s future with a top quality education. Luckily for you, the international schools in Moscow are abundant and of a generally high quality.

Below is a non exhaustive list of the international school options available to you.

1. English International School Moscow

Curriculum: English National Curriculum

Accreditation: COBIS, CIS.

Location: Moscow West, Moscow South-West, Moscow East.

Contact: [email protected]


2. British International School Moscow

Curriculum: English National Curriculum, Russian Curriculum, International Baccalaureate.

Accreditation: CIS, ECIS, IBO.

Location: 7 Locations – see website for details.

Contact: [email protected]


3. International School of Moscow

Curriculum: English National Curriculum

Accreditation: COBIS, ISI.

Location: Krylatskoe Campus and Rosinka Campus.

Contact: [email protected]


4. Anglo American School of Moscow

Curriculum: International Baccalaureate.

Accreditation: NEAC, CIS and IBO.

Location: Beregovaya ul., 1, Moscow, Russia, 125367

Contact: [email protected]


5. International School of Tomorrow

Curriculum: Individualized Bible-based English program.

Accreditation: CELS, AI.

Location: Sumskoy pr-d, 5А, Moscow, Russia, 117208.

Contact: [email protected]


6. Cambridge International School

Curriculum: Cambridge International Curriculum.

Accreditation: CIS.

Location: Skolkovo and Festivalnaya.

Contact: [email protected]


7. Montessori School of Moscow

Curriculum: Montessori.

Accreditation: –

Location: Moscow, Starovolynskaya st., 12, bldg 3.

Contact: [email protected]


There are a lot of other schools offering international programs in Moscow, but those listed above are by far the most popular choices for expat families. Always check the accreditation and the curriculum on offer to ensure that your child will receive the best education for their needs.

If you know of any other great schools that should be included, please contact us and we will consider adding them.

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