FIFA World Cup Tickets On Sale Now!

World Cup Tickets

Ever since the Confederations cup ended, the football fans of Moscow have been eagerly anticipating the next big event – FIFA World Cup 2018.

If you didn’t get the chance to attend the Confederations Cup, it was a blast. I managed to catch all of the games in Moscow and the event ran like a well oiled machine. Crowds flowed well, security was tight and the football itself was amazing. It all bodes well for the World Cup which is order of magnitudes bigger!

With such a big international tournament, tickets are sure to sell out fast so it is important that you get in early. Right now, FIFA have opened the first round of sales. This is a ‘random draw’ round. All those who want tickets apply for them and if demand exceeds supply, a random draw is conducted to decide who will be allocated a ticket.

This phase of sales will be followed by a first come first served sales phase, a rand ticket draw phase and then a final sales phase. If you want the best chance of getting some tickets, I would strongly consider trying your luck now in the first random draw round.

One person is allowed to purchase up to seven individual tickets, which is the perfect amount to see all the important games in Moscow. The tournament opener featuring Russia promises to be a great spectacle and of course the final will undoubtedly be a real clash of the titans.

Prices for Category 3 (which are the lowest price tickets for foreigners) start at 105USD for the group games. The cheapest final ticket is 455USD, but they are sure to be in high demand. be aware that it is pretty difficult to exchange the tickets once you have them, so you will want to be pretty sure you can make the games before committing to buy.

The only way you should buy is via the FIFA ticketing website.

Through the ticketing portal you make an account and apply for your tickets. Do not trust any third party sites offering world cup tickets! If you have any questions about coming to Russia for the World Cup, leave a comment below or send us a message via the contact form.


FIFA World Cup Tickets On Sale Now!
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