British Football School in Moscow

British Football School in MoscowBritish Football School in Moscow

Most people readily agree that team sports can play a crucial role in helping children to develop teamwork and self confidence, as well as personal fitness. A big problem for expat parents in Russia has always been finding ways to get their children involved in a sports team outside of school. The main problem is that the vast majority of youth sports teams and leagues are 100% Russian, making it hard for a child who is not fluent in Russian to take part. Luckily, the British Football School in Moscow is working to address this issue.

All of the staff at the British Football School in Moscow are highly qualified with years of experience and a range of coaching badges from European football authorities. All training sessions are conducted in English. This is a great way for expat children to take part in organised sports, or for Russian children who are learning English to practice in a fun and social environment.

There are currently two locations for training – Rosinka and Berezovaya. Whether the session takes place indoors or outdoors depends on the weather. There are lunch time and after school programs available. On top of training sessions, the British Football School in Moscow also has a team that competes with local Russian teams and when the opportunity arises, international youth teams.

If your child would like to try a few training session before signing up for a season, then the holiday programs could be a good option. This also has the added benefit of keeping your child busy during the school holidays! Check out the British Football School website for more details about the holiday program, or any of the other programs mentioned.

If you know of any other English language sporting opportunities for kids in Moscow, please leave a comment below, I would love to hear about them.

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British Football School in Moscow
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