June 2016

The view from Lubyanka Childrens Mall

Stunning Views at Lubyanka Childrens Mall

Recently some Russian friends promised me a different experience in Moscow. I was therefore surprised to be going in to the Lubyanka Childrens Mall, when Moscow has mall’s a plenty. But this family-friendly shopping and entertainment mall is…

Jasmine Cafe Moscow

Jasmine Cafe Moscow

This weekend we decided to venture to Jasmine Cafe, a well known Korean restaurant here in Moscow. Although it is relatively close to where we live, we have not yet experienced it. Many people have told us that…

Where to visit from Moscow

5 Top Countries to Visit from Moscow

Summer is upon us again in Moscow and that means summer holidays! This time of year gives us the best weather Moscow has to offer, so it is a little strange that it is also when most…

The Flying Banana Theatre

The Flying Banana Theatre

Being a foreigner with young children in Moscow can be tough. Russians love children and there are a lot of activities for young people every day in this big city, but these are not always…

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